Machete Kills – and Mel Gibson Still Gets Work – in New Trailer

This isn’t Mel. I just figured after posting Charlie Sheen last time I mentioned this movie, you deserved Sofia and her machine-gun boobs this time, even if it is pretty much a lift from Austin Powers.


Things I learned from the new Machete Kills trailer:

1. If enough people like you, there is no way to kill your celebrity career. And Robert Rodriguez likes everybody – of course, Latinos are about the only group Mad Mel hasn’t been recorded saying horrific things about.

2. This series is going way more Spy Kids than Grindhouse, which is a weird way to play an R-rated series and honestly, I’m not sure it’ll work. But at least it seems more tonally consistent than part 1.

3. Machete, at some point, will Tweet.

4. Rodriguez wishes this were his Django Unchained, but I don’t think he has one in him.

5. You can watch after the jump and see if I’m right.