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Now You Can Help Name Planets and Moons (Within Reason)



The International Astronomical Union, based in Paris, has previously maintained a very effective French stereotype at being arrogant and uninterested in other peoples’ opinions, not to mention exclusive (so exclusive that they famously declared Pluto no longer worthy of being called a planet).

As of Aug. 14th, however, the organization has declared it will listen to public campaigns for naming celestial bodies. Before you start petitioning them for Q’onos or Praxis, though, there are a few rules your proposed name must abide by:

-16 characters or less in length

-preferably one word

-pronounceable in as many languages as possible

-non-offensive in any language or culture

-not too similar to an existing name of an astronomical object

-names of pet animals are discouraged

-names of a purely or principally commercial nature are not allowed

-names of individuals, places or events principally known for political or military activities are unsuitable

And yet they’re still totally cool with Uranus.