Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Your Bathtub as Interactive Tablet



To solve the problems that sometimes ensue when Japanese men can’t help but use their iPads in the bathtub – water damage, electrocution, visitations by black-haired ghost-girls – some folks at the University of Electro-Communications Koike Laboratory have come up with the AquaTop, which will turn the bathwater itself into an interactive device. I’m not entirely certain that the underwater speakers required are any safer than handheld electronics near water, but damn, it sure looks cool – and their hope is that even children and monkeys can use it someday (apparently they have never tried to get a monkey to take a bath before. I hear it’s a challenge).

Will it allow you to do drawrings even if you’ve got prune hands? Certainly somebody should be thinking about that. But watch the video after the jump – the whole thing is quite involved, and the ability to generate a water Hadouken seems to me like it’d be worth the trouble.

via Obvious Winner