Buy a Watch Made From Apollo 11 Parts and Moon Dust



In an age when people use their phones as time-pieces, it’s nice to know watches still survive. Though at $115,000 a pop, they survive in a fashion you’ll never afford. In this case, however, you’d be paying for more than a name – yes, Romain Jerome is a name brand, but the Moon Dust collection are made from actual melted down metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, and dust from the moon. You’re paying for the right to say, “Fuck you, I’m the richest nerd ever!” Basically.

So if you drop that amount of coin on it and somebody says, “That’s lunacy!” you can truthfully reply, “Yes.” If they’re true nerds, they’ll get it.

I was about to jokingly suggest that a watch made from Titanic parts might be next, but I think Romain Jerome might have been way ahead of me on that score….

h/t Tyler Foster