World’s Tallest Lego Tower is 112 Feet Tall and in Delaware

Red Clay Consolidated School District

And to think I learned useless, dated crap in school like how to program in BASIC. All this time later, somebody finally tells me that building a world-record holding Lego structure is an educational exercise that promotes team building. And I’m not even being sarcastic – my education tax dollars would gladly support this if anybody asked (If I remember rightly, Delaware has no sales tax, so they can afford to be more awesome in other areas.)

Not that it needs support, because it’s free-standing. That’s how it got the record. But you know.

Many of the Lego bricks were donated, which makes this truly a community project. It’s a bit like South Park‘s ladder to Heaven, except slightly less likely to reveal Saddam Hussein making bombs in the afterlife.