Artoo Deetoo Actor Kenny Baker’s Limited Edition Toy of Himself


It’s not an official Star Wars figure, but you could easily pose it alongside your AOTC Dannl Faytonni (a.k.a. Anthony Daniels) if you happen to own that one (does anybody?). Heck, it’s not even poseable, but it’s a great way for fans of everyone’s favorite astromech actor (and even somebody’s favorite Time Bandit, though I’m Team Wally myself) to display his autograph – at $50 for a signed figure, it’s a better deal than the standard convention 8 by 10 for the same price or more.

If all you want is a li’l Kenny and don’t care about the signature, it’s half that price. But it’s a limited run of 250, so these won’t last. You can order one through the official Kenny Baker Figure Facebook Page, because of course there is one.

Oh yeah – don’t forget he was Paploo too. Still the best Ewok.

via Rebelscum