Breaking Bad News Trifecta: Fake Legos, Complete Series Set, Lost Mash-Up



? Citizen Brick‘s stunning (and copyright-dodging) Breaking Bad-inspired playset is now available for a mere $250. This is the toy of the year as far as I’m concerned. But as happy as this makes myself and other fans of the show, not everyone is won over. The Daily Mail is currently shaking their fist at the toy, declaring it “bizarre” and noting how it ” lets any child or adult recreate Walter White’s notorious crystal meth lab.” Brock? Nevertheless, it remains available as of this writing. Though something tells me that it will either sell out or AMC’s legal department will shut it down before too long. Also, there’s a two-year-old spoiler in the above picture. Sorry. (Via Geekosystem)


? ET Online presents this look at the Breaking Bad complete series Blu-ray set, that comes complete with 16 discs, endless bonus features, an alternate series ending (!) and your very own Los Pollos Hermanos apron. What, no bottles of Schraderbrau? Hit the link for complete details on this release, which will be available on November 26th.
? If you haven’t seen this past Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad yet, don’t hit the jump. Those who have should do so immediately to see what happens when Walter White meets Michael from Lost.

This is great and all, but if Breaking Bad‘s finale includes a mystical cave and thinly veiled purgatory I’m gonna be pissed.