Custom Jurassic Park/Dr. Seuss Mash-up Toys Make Our Hearts Grow Two Sizes


Customizing king Sillof, who usually does mash-up toys that combine Star Wars with incongruous themes like Russ Meyer movies or Mad Max, went way outside the box with his latest. Commissioned by the Best Western Denver Southwest Hotel, which has a dinosaur theme, his latest hybrid combines the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park with the whimsical creations of Dr. Seuss. The good Doctor’s characters haven’t been this mutated since Jim Carrey and Mike Myers tried to play them.

Sillof has even written a rhyme to go along with his new creations. A sample:

They heard a loud rumble and a growl and a fuss.

Was it a monster, a dragon, a creature named Gus?

They could not see anything from their seats so they got off the bus.

And there they were a herd of striped long necked Catahaturus.

Check out the entirety of his Seusstastic creations at He’s a clever boy.