Defiance Gets a “Dickless” Addition

I really, really do enjoy Defiance. As much as it has some familiar antecedents, I find the world it creates nicely original, and one I want to explore. And it just announced a new cast member who makes me smile even more at the thought of next season…


William Atherton, a.k.a. Walter Peck from Ghostbusters.

Atherton steps into the supporting role of the jaded, Earth Republic official Viceroy Mercado, Major Pottinger’s (James Murray) commanding officer. Mercado is ruthless, quick tongued and sarcastic, fond of peppering his sentences with obscure old Earth cultural references and mocking younger subordinates for being too young to understand. He sees Pottinger for the manipulative person he is, but grudgingly admits the man gets results. Mercado also has a dark secret that would shock his colleagues and the townspeople of Defiance.

Ooh, ooh, I know what the secret is!

Sadly we don’t get to see it until June.

As the story of Defiance resumes, the lives of the townspeople are in drastic turmoil. The Earth Republic has assumed control of the town, with far-reaching consequences including a new mayor. Nolan traverses the badlands to find a lost Irisa, Amanda has an unexpected new role in the town as she searches for Kenya and the Tarr family desperately tries to keep control of their criminal empire in the midst of dramatic changes.