First Online Clip From Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem



It’s a little under two minutes, but it comes directly from the first ten that I saw at Comic Con. The sound mix then was more abrasive, giving the overall impression that this was a subjective impression of how a cranky 70ish guy like Gilliam sees the media-saturated modern world. That doesn’t come across as loudly here, but you get a good sense of the look of the world.

The full movie recently screened in Venice, and reaction so far, sadly, hasn’t been good. But apparently Christoph Waltz’s character goes by the name of Qohan Leth, and there’s a scene where Tilda Swinton raps. Considering that many of my critical brethren feel that Swinton can do no wrong, and should be Oscar-nominated every year for whatever she does, the overall reception should be interesting.

I am certainly not dissuaded from seeing it. Watch after the jump and tell me if you agree.

Source: Rob at i09 via SlyDante