If I Can Talk With My Video Games, Can I Stop Talking to People?


Bot Colony, a game in which you try to uncover a spy on a tropical island full of robots that look not unlike Tron avatars, is calling itself “the first game to comprehend English conversations and reply logically to the player.” Which means that you can now claim you aren’t being antisocial by shutting yourself in the bedroom in front of a computer screen – you’re just socializing with a machine.

Doubly ironic that in the picture above, your character within the world is busy looking at his mobile device rather than interacting with people. But so it goes: the next phase will be characters in a game accusing you of being too much of a shut-in because you’re spending more time with games-within-the-games than them. Like Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos Flavored Doritos, it’s a dangerous feedback loop to be beginning.

Let’s hope the game comprehends my spoken words better than my bank’s automatic phone system does. They’re asking for Kickstarter dollars to make it happen.

Because surely they can be Siri-ous

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