UPDATED: Keanu Reeves Directed a Movie and It Actually Doesn’t Look Bad


I’m not completely surprised – I’ve encountered Reeves at press conferences, and in person he comes off way more articulate, thoughtful and dynamic than I think he has ever remotely managed to convey in a movie. (I know, it sounds a bit like discovering Mr. T reads Voltaire. But it’s true.)

Man of Tai Chi stars a stuntman friend of his, Tiger Chen, in a very loose retelling of Chen’s life story. If his life story were set in the Matrix and he had to kick Evil Neo’s ass at the end. The major opening scene of the trailer in the gray room pictured above is a great hook and shows some visual chops. Maybe Reeves’ actual smarts will finally display themselves.

UPDATE: Wow, this just got interesting. At Fantastic Fest, Reeves will engage in a verbal debate with Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League, after which, League and Tiger Chen will fight. Although if said “fight” is anything like League’s bout with Master Y.K. Kim last year, it will consist of Chen running away from League the whole time so as not to seriously injure him.

Watch after the jump and tell me if you think he’s playing to his strengths.