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Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Attack on Titan Giant Facial Blotting Paper



Because if there’s one merchandising tie-in that a show about naked giants who eat people needs, it’s a massively huge piece of blotting paper to wipe the oil off your pores. And while you’re delivering an epic facepalm, you might as well be beating away blackheads at the same time.

Google translator is a whole lot of fun when it comes to things like this:

It is hard to lose make even suppress the face, it is good to care of your face-lift before.

For giant oil blotting paper is the size of 33 times the normal. Is it the perfect size to giant of about 15 m class. It may be a little too big for us human beings, but it might be a good idea when you want to wipe the fat is daring.

I’m going to driving out every last drop of oil from your face “giant super-large oil blotting paper in advance (for giant)” is too big

These specially branded giant paper cosmetic things will be available exclusively in Attack on Titan packaging at this weekend’s Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2013.