The Jersey Devil Has Bladder Control Issues



Excessive violence! Urinating monsters! Headbands! Yelling! What brings all of these diverse elements together? Why Deviltry of course! I can’t think of a better way to start your Friday the 13th viewing day than with this 1990 trailer for a never-produced horror film about the New Jersey Devil from my pal/sometimes Topless Robot contributor Chris Blake Sasser that was filmed in the Garden State’s infamous Pine Barrens. Although Sasser was never able to complete the finished film due to funding issues (this was filmed in the pre-Kickstarter era after all), we still are left with this action-packed extravaganza that plays like the horror equivalent of The Room. Crammed with early Frank Henenlotter-esque creatures and plenty of laughs, this trailer is 2:07 of pure low-budget bliss. Hit the jump to take in the devilish fun for yourself!

I don’t know about you guys, but I could totally go for a Deviltry/Thanksgiving double feature. Happy Friday the 13th everybody!