Calling All Commenters: Livefyre Wants to Hear From You!



I just had a very productive discussion with Patrick Wang, account manager for Livefyre at the VMG sites. He is aware of all the issues, as I have made him so at every opportunity!

Now, here’s the part where he’d like to hear from you. This is your space to vent (please be polite to Patrick, who’ll be reading, but say whatever you want about his product. He can take it). Not just about pet peeves and ongoing issues – please DO reiterate those – but ideals. What would you like to see comments do that they don’t yet do? What features of the old system do you miss that have not carried over to Livefyre? For example: would you like to have ways to display images other than imgur? Cumulative “Like” counts (and if so, where would those be displayed)? Something Disquus does that they don’t?

Hell, do you have some really out there idea nobody has thought of yet? Bring it on!

Neither Patrick nor I wants to just accept broken comments as a running joke. Let’s all make it better than ever.