Damon Lindelof Reacts to Breaking Bad Finale, Comparative Lost-Bashing


ewen and donabel

I know many people stayed off Twitter when the Breaking Bad finale aired, but for those of us who didn’t care and/or don’t follow any people who are dicks, one of the most prevalent themes was Tweets telling Damon Lindelof that unlike Lost, this was how you do a good series finale.

Most of them were being retweeted by Lindelof himself. In a Hollywood Reporter editorial today, he explains why.

Three years later, it appears that it is not just enough to love Breaking Bad‘s finale. You also have to hate ours. Yeah, I know. Waaaaaah for me. I should go cry into my barrels full of money. But I swear to you, I’m not looking for empathy. I’m just looking for a way to stop. And I can’t.

Alcoholics are smart enough to not walk into a bar. My bar is Twitter. It’s Comic-Con. It’s anytime someone asks me to write an article even casually relating to Lost.

So I guess now we have to wait for a sci-fi movie with a really good ending, and maybe he’ll explain Prometheus too.

Don’t worry, Damon – it’ll all resolve itself in the afterlife. TV taught me that.