(Not so) EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Paradox Alice, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Bonus Content


UPDATE: In a sudden, stunning display of backtracking, the studio that gave me the exclusive in the first place has asked me to pull it, so I have. Oh well.


In Paradox Alice, a spaceship called the Red Queen (pro-tip: NEVER name a real spaceship that) goes seeking life on Europa, only to have Earth go and blow up before they can return. Now they have to find a new place to go – a task made more complicated when a member of the crew starts spontaneously changing gender.

Wait, what? I know, I know, but you’ll see.

After the jump, you can see all that in the trailer for yourself, but over the next three days, we’ll also be showing you some exclusive premiere content – vlogs from Commander Alexander Foxe (Ethan Sharrett), who shares his thoughts leading up to the events depicted in the movie.

Paradox Alice premieres on-demand Oct. 15th. Hit the jump for the trailer and exclusive clip…