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Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Pussy Nouveau, the Wine for Cats



Take it away, Google translator:

Development background cat-only wine of “pussy Nouveau”
in B & H Lifes, and has been developed so far and “In Doggy bowl” and the like “Il Doggy beauty” as drinking dog only. The above-mentioned goods, while the pet is to be treated as a special presence as a member of the yearly family, were purchased in conjunction with the New Year cakes and pet birthday and Christmas, and New Year of the dog, every year shipments have been growing have.

Meanwhile, from the cat lover “Where it is also looking for products for dogs, but lonely is not the product for cats”, “want a drink to celebrate the birthday or Christmas and precious cat” and “cat It received a request to know you will not drink, but I that “want to give, this time, has developed wine of cat-only” pussy Nouveau “.

Drinking red wine taste with fructose glucose liquid sugar, oligosaccharide, catmint, Cabernet grape juice, vitamin C, and caramel color to raw materials “pussy Nouveau”, and does not include alcohol. It is possible to adjust a number of times for repeated trial, to a beverage like the cat, and adds the catmint prefer the cat. It is said that originally, the cat and do not drink in favor of the beverage, but the results of monitoring the results of the sampling, cat of 90% would not drink even our product was obtained, but the cat lover who their owners are “together satisfied with only atmosphere you are drinking, “we shows the high degree of satisfaction to be” want to use it for celebrations such as Christmas and “birthday.

It is expected that the Beaujolais Nouveau or to be lifted soon, a place and event of Christmas New Year’s holiday, it is used in the future


Um…what? I feel like it’s saying this is non-alcoholic, cats don’t like it, yet their owners want them to celebrate with it anyway?

That’s just a feeling. This is incomprehensible in a literal translation.

Look, it’s called “Pussy Nouveau,” okay? That’s, like, funny and stuff.

via Kotaku