Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly Preempt Batfleck and Cavs With Their Own “Batman vs Superman”



I freakin’ love what a big kid Tim Daly is willing to portray himself as on YouTube. Not just because he plays himself as excitable fanboy, but even the way he’s the one who’s assigned household chores by his son is kind of adorable.

Kevin Conroy will just make you cry when he delivers classic Bat-speak – as much as I was pretty okay with Peter Weller, once you hear Conroy deliver Dark Knight lines, you’ll realize the opportunity DC missed.

With no special effects but their voices, they’ve put together a video that will likely be significantly more compelling than most of the scenes in the next big movie. Now, somebody get on the ball and let them do a cartoon version together again.

Also, yes, I just called Henry Cavill “Cavs.” Because you’ve got to love the Cav-ity of the talent search it took to find him as a lead. Or something.

Look, the headline was getting long, awright?

On to the video…

via Hollywood Reporter