Man of Steel “Caption That Pic” Winner and Honorable Mentions


You’d never know from the number of entries in the Man of Steel Blu-ray contest that the movie was controversial with fans. In fact, there were way more entries for this than for an uncontroversial Doctor Who wooden sign.

I asked you to caption the image above – and I can’t take credit, because that was what Warner Bros. wanted. You all brought the quips…though some of you did not look at what had come before. There were quite a few close repetitions, and I did my best to honor the first instance every time.

For the best reader-submitted captions for the image above, click onward…


Trust me, you do not want to hear what the fox has to say.


“And now I will give you a memory erasing kiss… that apparently all of us Kryptonians have… and will never be mentioned or referenced ever again… Even twenty years from now, when “Man of Steel Returns” comes out and you’ve had Superman’s kid, but don’t remember having sex with him… You know what, just think of it as a roofie.”


“Right then, that looks good. Now I just need to fit the breathing mask on and you’re all set to go as gender swapped Bane to the Metropolis ComicCon.”


Oh, you’re dating him? You should probably go ahead and put on this neck brace. Just sayin…….


Farora has to reattach Lois Lane’s head after she learns that WB has an Hourman TV show is in the works instead of anything starring Wonder Woman.


Superman: The jor-el hologram never explained this “girl-on-girl” thing, but I like it!


Faora: “I think this makes you look Enchanted.”
Lois: “I think you are suffering from Pandorum.”


Lois, there’s no such thing an Organic Kryptonian Release Tube . . .and it certainly doesn’t need to relieve its pressure in your mouth.


Ignorant of Earthly customs, Faora chose to wear the condom on her head.


Seriously, don’t listen to him. You cut your hair this length it will look AMAZING!


Superman only started dating Wonder Woman after he made the mistake of introducing Lois to Faora.


“I swear to god if I have to do this with Affleck in the next movie, I’m swearing off superhero films…”


Kal- “I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream. [sees lois distraught]What’s wrong?
Lois: I just had a terrible thought… what if this is a dream?
Faora: Well, then, kiss me quick before you wake up!


Superman: “I don’t know how to tell her that humans don’t have their genitalia in their mouth.”


“Are you sure this is how condoms work on krypton?”


The first test of the “Kryptonian Pony Tail Removal System” on a human


“Zod is going to need that neck brace more than her.”


Lois: “No, I’m serious, my doctor said my head isn’t supposed to come off.”


Superman: “If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, I’m already in my underwear”


1 minute earlier…
Superman: Remember, Lois, the safe word is the name of the first king of Krypton
Lois What are talki— glarblgarbllllk


Superman knew for sure this time: Lois had been into his Axe Body Spray again.


I don’t want to come between you, ladies… or do I?


Clark attempts to figure out who farted with his super smell.


Moments later Lois was pounded into dust in the first recorded inter species threesome.


On Superman’s face you can see the battle between “Are they going to make out?” and “I hope they make out!”

All very worthy, but turn the page for the winner.

And the winner, agreed upon by myself and Julia…

“I know you ladies have heard of ‘Kneel before Zod.’ Can I suggest ‘Makeout before Clark’?”