McFarlane Debuts a Very Special Ed (Kenway) 14″ Assassin’s Creed Statue


Looks like WWE won’t be the only license to get limited-edition McStatues – Edward Kenway, complete with rotating base that depicts a pirate corpse in the tide, will be available online at the Spawn store on Friday the 13th of December.

Each comes with a Todd-signed certificate of authenticity (seriously, if you don’t have his autograph on something by now, you may be the last one standing) and is one of only 1,000…although 50 of those 1000 will be special unpainted variants, which seems like a clever way of marketing the fact that the painters got tired before the end of the run and quit early. I’m just guessing. But if you want one to paint in sports team colors, that would be the one to get.

Ed’ll run you $295, including free shipping and handling. Never mind the black flag – I think my bank account’s waving the white one.