The Sit-Down Batmobile Arcade Game Looks Bat-ass!



It’s about time an arcade driving simulator got seriously nerdy. The console gives you the seats, steering wheel and all that – but the onscreen car? That’s where it gets good.

Yes, as you can see above, the Tim Burton car is selectable. So is the 1966 version. The Christopher Nolan tumblers (black, and tan – holy cow, I think I just figured out a deliberate visual pun) are there, along with the flying bat. The Bruce Timm animated version can be chosen, as can the Brave and the Bold model. In a cool example of game synergy, even the Arkham Asylum one is here.

Two players can have a competitive game, and it’s not a closed track – you can drive around Gotham City at will. You can even somehow save a profile and continue your game later, apparently, though I can’t imagine that lasts beyond a day.

Check out some videos after the jump. This might just be enough to get me to set foot in a Dave & Busters again.

via Arcade Heroes