X-Men: Days of Future Past Not-So-Tastefully Observes JFK Death Anniversary, Saying Magneto Did it


If you’ve been on Facebook, listened to talk radio, or turned on the history channel any time in the past month, you probably know we just past the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Fox waited until the day itself had passed to release the latest bit of viral marketing for X-Men: Days of Future Pasta viral video and faux-conspiracy website suggesting mutant involvement, specifically the one above.

Reading the longer article reveals two more plot details from the movie which might be considered spoilers (continue to read them and see the video).

1. It is strongly implied that Mystique kills Kennedy in the movie itself.

2. Trask Industries are responsible for building the plastic prison in which Magneto finds himself (and re-found himself in the first X-Men film)

For the record, I have no particular issue with this being tasteless or otherwise – it was part of the plot of the movie to begin with. But if I were Fox, I think tactically I would have gone for different timing.

via Jeffrey Wells