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Convincing Pic of Significant Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoiler



No, this isn’t it. I wanted to give you some spoiler space just in case what I’m about to show is news to you.

Over the weekend, images leaked out online of a banner, supposedly official, for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring additional villains besides Electro. I was skeptical, thinking that these seemed like pretty big reveals to be showing so early.

Then today, via Twitter user Paul Romano, I saw what I’m about to show, and it seems pretty convincing. Continue reading if you want to see it.



That’s pretty clearly Dane DeHaan, who plays Harry Osborn, in Green Goblin-esque get-up. And in keeping with the theme of these movies so far, he appears to be a genetically mutated Goblin rather than a guy in a mask.

If it’s a fake, it’s a really good one. I guess we’ll see what they show in the trailer attached to The Hobbit.