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How Much of That Final Lone Ranger Train Sequence Was Real?



Not as much as I thought, it turns out. So while Johnny Depp wasn’t quite as Buster Keatonish as he may have seemed, Gore Verbinski and the ILM effects guys were even more meticulous than I imagined. I think even the many, many haters and mild dislikers of The Lone Ranger tend to at least give that final sequence some credit…but even if they didn’t, what kind of blog editor would I be if I couldn’t occasionally stare down the face of popular opinion, and say, “Gosh darn it to heck, I liked this movie a lot and I WILL post a featurette about how the effects were done! And because this is the Internet, you CAN compare me to Hitler for doing so!”

Not that YOU would. I’m talking to the other guy, peeking over your shoulder through the window behind you.

Making of lone ranger VFX by itsartmag

via It’s Art Mag