New Godzilla Teaser Shows Less Monster Than Expected



Well, that was unexpected. I hardly thought the official still I posted yesterday would actually be a clearer look at our favorite nuclear beast than anything else in the new teaser. It seems to my eye, in fact, that almost every glimpse you get of him comes from the proof-of-concept trailer that’s a year and a half old by now.

At Comic-Con, we saw crab monsters, and a pretty decent shot of Godzilla’s legs. None of that here. I’m starting to think – and fear – that Gareth Edwards’ Monsters strategy of trying to avoid showing the actual monsters is going to be in effect again. As a Comic-Con fan, I appreciate that we got exclusive looks, but I really think by now it’s time to share with others. As a very first look at the movie this would be cool, but as a third look – which it is for me – it’s a slight step backwards.

Maybe I’m spoiled. For those of you who never saw the other stuff, how are you feeling about it?