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The Weekend Hangover: Godzilla Movie Toy, Space Jam Burns, Piss Detectors, etc.



Culling many of the reader-submitted highlights from the weekend open thread, which in this instance also featured SlyDante777 reposting items from all previous threads (and now he knows what my every Sunday night is like). Those reposted items will not be posted a third time in this roundup, but we had plenty of other stuff. In addition to Sly, tipsters this week were troi, skrag2112, FakeAssName, rkwsuperstar, Dr.Gonzo82, DrAbraxas, CobraCommander, James.k.Polk, Anyone00, Gallen_Dugall.

-The Pacific Rim theme as “sung” by Tesla coils.

-“From the creative minds of Avenged Sevenfold” sounds a bit like saying “from the faithful interpretation by Michael Bay.”

-It’s the Easter Beagle Island, Charlie Brown!

-Christmas tree decoration isn’t just some kind of Mickey Mouse operation. Or maybe it is.

-Old video but new to me: STARFISH HITLER!

-Because there aren’t enough racist Bozos on TV…

-China doesn’t like war games set in China.

-Remember Space Jam? Ecuador sure does, and is burning effigies as a result.

-Don’t be a wicked pisser in Atlanta.

-Pretty girl becomes freaky Minion.

-Live-action Minecraft.

-News you can use: insta-Slurpee how-to.

Underland: The Last Surfacer. Shot in three days.

-The T-rex/dragon illusion that’s been making the rounds.

-Can Bugs Bunny keep kosher with a Porky pal?

-If Shia LaBeouf is so fond of copying, can he copy a better actor next time?

-Nintendo’s latest ploy to win the handheld wars: randomly include porn in some of them.

-Parents and baby remake movie scenes with a lot of cardboard.

-How a G-rated cartoon is actually all about animal sex.

-Mountain Dew barbecue sauce. That is all.

-Twitter really has jumped the shark.

-Build, Braid, Love.

-Frank Miller’s not the only one who got to do a predictable Batman anniversary cover.

Sherlock Holmes is public domain, just so long as you don’t mention Watson’s second wife.

-When you find the woman who is impressed with your three-story Optimus Prime, you should definitely marry her.

-I’d pay higher taxes to not see these commercials.