Geek Apparel of the Week: Kuato, Bad Wolf, Brony Fett and More at Neatorama

When a store drops 50 new geeky T-shirts, there are bound to be some duds, but also more great ones than I could hope to highlight in a single post. I recommend checking out the entirety of Neatorama’s “new” section, but first, I figured I’d show you a few of my faves…


Instead of screeching “HEEE-heeeeee!” I guess this makes you want to go “HOOO-Who!” Except that “hoo-hoo” is a rude thing to say to a lady.


Everyone needs their own Kuato busting out.


Alternate title: “My Little Froggy: Sweetums Is Magic.

And speaking of Brony references


I was just thinking to myself: You know who needs a grim and gritty reboot? Q*Bert!


These are seriously just the tip of the blocky pyramid when it comes to all the shirts they just debuted, so I suggest heading on over to check them all out – there’s sure to be at least one that works for you. Hell, they even have one that features Precious Moments, those weirdly religious porcelain figurines with the teardrop-shaped eyes that my wife collects, and I’ve NEVER seen them in a nerdy mash-up, nor did I ever expect to.