Is This the Beginning of a Real Tricorder?



Okay, it doesn’t look quite as awesome, and you have to actually put it to your temple for ten seconds to get basic vital signs, but it’s a start, and a step up for a company previously known for portable piss tests.

By combining this with a smartphone app, though, the company, whose name is the decidedly unhip pun “Scanadu,” has bigger plans, like daily body scans and diagnoses that save time and worry…so long as they work correctly and don’t tell you your liver just failed like a dropped call, because goodness knows my portable phone has never screwed up in any way (yeah, right, and Stan Lee’s a modest guy).

Point is, I think their demo video is just a bit optimistic…but on their current path, as any Trekker might surmise, it is logical.

I don’t want to wear that little Nerdist sticker behind my ear all the time, though.

h/t Gallen_Dugall