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Slightly Better Halloween Costume: Falcon, From Captain America 2



Interesting, isn’t it: in many ways, this is far less faithful to the comic-book Falcon costume than that Michaelangelo turtle suit was. If it were, say, the new look for Raptor in a G.I. Joe sequel, I think there’d be a lot of cynicism. But trusting Marvel, I suspect we’ll mostly give it a pass.

Just playing devil’s advocate a bit – actually, I think it makes sense and I really don’t need to see orange spandex. Besides, there are more pressing costume issues in the new Captain America to bug me, like the lack of red in his new costume. I don’t care if you can prove it’s canon in some way – until a country singer writes a song called “Courtesy of the White and Blue, Screw the Red” I insist my Captain America have all three American colors. And if my insistence doesn’t work, I’ll pout. Then if pouting fails, I’ll drink. If it doesn’t, maybe I’ll just drink anyway. You never know. I’m unpredictable and stuff.

Thanks to Caleb Williams for Tweeting the pic.