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Flirt Planet, the Dating Sim Where You Play as an Alien to Meet Real People in Another App



No, this isn’t Japanese. It’s homegrown.

You’ll assume the role of an alien in human form as you learn how to interact, flirt and talk to human beings. With easy connectivity through your Facebook account, you can work on your dating and communication skills wherever you go. You will enter the world of ‘Flirtual Reality,’ where you can hone your conversation and flirting skills to help you meet the person of your dreams in TrulySocial’s digital dating app Flirt Planet Meet.

Here’s the best part:

All of the player’s interactions, goals and achievements are used to build their personality profile, which is then used toward finding a real-life partner.

Because pretending to be an alien is the best way to get a date, am I right? Oh, and letting your Facebook account (if you opt in) tell all your friends that you’re playing a dating game as an alien – not weird? I dunno – something tells me the potential real-life partners in this thing will heavily skew male (though apparently the company says it’s 66% female customers so far, so hey). It’s a free download, though, so what have you got to lose? If you’re already bad enough at flirting to want to practice it as a virtual alien, I’d say nothing. Check out the game trailer and see if it’s encouraging.