Geek Apparel of the Week: Batman Bathing Suit With Cape


Guys, admit it: you’d kill to have a woman wear this for you.

Ladies, admit it: you’ve always wanted a Bat-cape that can be fashionable too.

See? Total win-win, and due to popular demand, it will even be made in Large/Tall and XL sizes. It’s too bad the mask isn’t included in the $110 asking price, but they can be had cheaply. I just don’t know how she expects to get into the pool with those shoes on.

Also, the cape is detachable, for those lame-os among you who value the ability to swim and not drown over the immense cool points bringing a cape to the beach will grant you. Look, do you want to be practical, capeless, beer-bellied Mr. Incredible, or awesome Batman? Four words: shark-repellent muthaphukkin’ Batspray.