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New Lego Jawa Sandcrawler Is Huge and Amazing



You ever notice how toy company logic doesn’t seem to hold from one company to the next? Like, Mattel will say, “Oh no, we can’t do a new Castle Grayskull, that would cost $250,” and then Icon Heroes makes a tiny one for $300 that people actually buy? (Mattel learned on that one.) Or Hasbro might say, “We can’t do a large Sandcrawler; it would cost over $100, and it’s not a dynamic enough vehicle for kids to play with, especially in a non-movie year,” and now Lego busts out a $300 version featuring mini-vehicles, secret compartments, working winches, steering column, secret cockpit and more?

This thing rules – it is the droid transporter you’re looking for. We’ve got more pics and a video that showcases everything it can do…