New The Purge: Anarchy Trailer Opens up a Wider World


So now we know our heroes are not just the innocent couple stranded, but also a tormented family man out to exact some vigilante-style revenge for the death of his kid. There also appear to be a lot of similarities with last year’s Halloween attraction – though the trailer is full of fast edits, many of the locations and scenarios look quite similar (despite the claim that they were developed quite separately).

And while there has been a concerted effort to be as apolitical as possible, I see a distinct theme emerging. One that the pundits call “class warfare,” and that the people on lower incomes call “We’re broke and pissed off.” Basically, if a kid in a movie is good-looking and wears a school blazer, you know he’s a dick. Period. More of a dick than the guys who wear clown masks? That’s for us to find out.