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Shaq Promises Shaq Fu 2 Will Be Better, Wants You to Help Pay for It



Yes, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is on Indiegogo seeking donations. Is this the gaming equivalent of Tommy Wiseau using Kickstarter to make The Room Origins: Chris-R ? Because obviously I would contribute to that.

The purpose of bringing the game to the public is to see how much interest there is in becoming Shaq’s partner and in seeing the game happen. In exchange for your help, Shaq, is offering unprecedented access to his life with incredible perks.

Some of the Shaq autograph/meet-and-great rewards are reasonable as far as sports memorabilia market prices, but the one that raises my eyebrow is the one where YOU pay them $6,500 to be a concept artist on the game. Shouldn’t they be paying at least that for a genuine freelance artist? Like, if I said you could pay me $1,000 for the privilege of writing an article on TR, what would you say?

(Don’t answer that. I don’t need the temptation.)

Anyway, here’s the game teaser:

And here’s Shaq asking for your money:

Now, if he wants to fund Steel 2? Whole different story. I’m down for that.

h/t Anyone00