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Top-Down Smackdown: WWE Goes Celebrity Deathmatch on Us With “Slam City”



In what seems to be an attempt to sell a new line of toys, WWE has gone clay-animated, turning its characters into literal cartoons, subject to ‘toon logic and physics. Also it’s about what happens when they’re all fired and have to take day jobs.

In reality, you fire John Cena and I’m sure he’d never have to work another day in his life. But in Slam City, he ends up working at a garage. Alberto Del Rio, here portrayed as a good guy (which gives you some idea how long the production process was), works at Starbucks. And in the most Looney Tunes-like of the shorts, lunch-lady Kane is tormented by Santino Marella over who can make a better pizza.

Even though WWE could presumably force their talent to participate, the voice actors are quite obviously not the real superstars (Kane in particular is waaaaaay off) but the bad impressions are part of the charm of this stretchy, squishy universe reminiscent of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, minus the actual death part.

The villain of the piece is an all-new character called the Finisher, who wears a suit and a mask – the surprise is that they haven’t given him a real-life counterpart to co-promote the line. Maybe it’s really Scooby Doo in a mask.

Meanwhile, in actual WWE storylines, it looks like they finally realized their WrestleMania main event was terrible. Hey, this is fast acting, by their standards; just look at the oh-so-timely Occupy Wall Street skit last Raw. I expect Mitt Romney jokes next week.

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