Topless Toy Chest: Marvel Legends Captain America, New Movie-ish Version



I love Captain America’s outfits, mostly. Always have. Mainly because, let’s face it, the U.S. flag has a lot going on relative to many other flags. Sorry Italy, France, Germany, Russia, et al., but really – three stripes aren’t as fun to play with as 50 stars and 13 stripes. Like with everything else, the U.S. goes big, and I enjoy our flag design aesthetically as well as naturally, as a citizen.

I was skeptical of the movie one – but this isn’t quite it. It’s close, but I suspect maybe this figure was based on early concept art…

Mainly because it has what the comic-based inspiration for it had, while the movie version does not – red stripes down the side of the legs.



Also, as you can see by comparison to the NECA Cap, the likeness isn’t necessarily Chris Evans at all.


On the other hand, he has a more “realistic” physique versus a comic-booky one, and the outfit has a lot of movie-style texture to it. The line-up is a mix of movie and comic, though based on the thumbnails on the back, the movie ones don’t seem overly concerned with actor likenesses.


I got sent a review copy from Hasbro, so there wasn’t even any tape on the box, and it was very easy to slide the figure out. Only the shaped plastic holds him in place, so it would be quite easy to put him back in the package, if that’s your thing.


He comes with a leg piece for the SHIELD Mandroid build-a-figure, extra head, extra hands (they pop on and off easily), and his shield in stealthy colors. The additional hands allow him to salute, and to do the Hulk Hogan/Harrison Ford finger point of doom…


As for articulation, he has lots, as you expect from this line, and most of it feels like clicky ratchet joints.


As best I can tell, he has a ball-jointed neck, ball shoulders, cut upper arms, double-jointed elbows, cut and hinged wrists, ab crunch, waist twist, semi-ball hips, upper thigh cuts, double knees, upper boot cuts, hinge-and-rocker ankles. You can get him in most poses you might want.

Also the pop-off hands allow his arm to fit through the shield straps. The only thing lacking play-wise is that you can’t stick the shield on his back, as he often does in the film.




I wasn’t in love with this costume from the getgo, but Hasbro has captured it very well. The red stripe doesn’t entirely work – I’m betting that it was an early idea that got nixed for the flick at some point, but the figure, despite not having the perfect actor likeness, is a damn good sculpt and movie souvenir. For my collecting preferences, I’m hoping for a Diamond Select one that’s a little bigger and more Evansy, but anyone who likes Cap and figures in this scale should have no qualms about picking him up.