The Weekend Hangover: Also, Everything Else That Was Additionally Not the Oscars Too


Because not everything is the Oscars, here are some other hot topics of conversation culled from the weekend Open Thread, compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair.

This week’s tipsters include: troi, SlyDante777, Gallen_Dugall, Anyone00, skrag2112, rkwsuperstar, Paul_S, BumblebeeZ3, donnaryoko

-Babymetal is cute, Japanese and loud as fuck.

-Ten and a half minutes. 1001 movies.

-More self-evident geek truths that are only really self-evident when proclaimed with an accent.

-Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen to make a movie about Nintendo-Sega wars. If James Franco is Mario and Danny McBride is Sonic, I’m sold.

-Cutest Ecto-1 ever.

Bill Watterson draws again…and nudity is involved. (Hi there, Googlers searching for “naked Bill Watterson”)

-No pocket fluff here – the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text-based game is returning.

-Before EPCOT rebranded “The Living Seas,” I remember stuff like this.

-Very, very strange Japanese video game commercial uses fake cooking show to promote game that has nothing to do with cooking.

-Create a plague. Infect the world. If you saw my apartment, you might suspect I’m doing so without the aid of a game.

RIP Aaron Allston, who will not live to see Disney retcon the Star Wars Expanded Universe

-Make your own Etch a Sketch, if you can sit through the host’s dry delivery.

-Because people smoke weed (and, uh, pole) because they enjoy the FLAVOR!

Real-life Mario Karts, long-overdue.

-The unofficial Inception board game is happening. Unless you’re just dreaming that it is.

-Mattel now owns Mega Bloks, which most immediately means Lego will lose SpongeBob rights.

-You do a concept album based on DuckTales, I want to hear the theme song. Period. Not this.

Big Trouble in Little China comic books – will they be as rare as green eyes?

-Fantasy design for a WWE Hall of Fame fails to take into account that somebody in creative will invariably mess up the plan.

-French series based on Heavy Metal, that looks like Syfy knock-off of Heavy Metal, will air on Syfy.

-Pokemon religions? I wish to not catch them all.

-A good game for the Wii U?

-Ghostcube. Cubeses in this guise.

-If “fourth-person” gameplay means something, this still doesn’t tell me what it is.

-Black, black, black, black, number 2

-Super Terrific Japanese Wiener-Cleaner?

-Topher Grace’s Star Wars re-edit, trailered.

-This won’t win any Oscars either

-Maybe Marc Webb is making the newspaper version of Spider-Man.