Batman: Death of the Family Vol. 3 TPB Comes w/Flayed Joker Skin Mask


You know something, DC? Psychotic clowns are scary enough. Psychotic clowns with the skin of their faces cut off and then sewn on again are enough to make both Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger go, “Damn, that’s a bit unsubtle.” But that’s the new 52 for ya – heroes get piping on their outfits, villains get extreeeeeme. If you’re gonna show Catwoman boning Batman, Joker has to go further.

And now you can too, with a latex mask/wig combo that comes with the third collection of issues from that particular story arc. Thus ensuring I will probably never read the TPB – except at somebody else’s house – because there’s no way my wife’s allowing that mask inside our front door.

h/t Dr.Gonzo82