I Love This Proposed Lego Frozen Palace and Won’t “Let It Go.”


I’ve never had the desire to buy a My Little Pony (for myself, at least – the wife insists sometimes), and my Princess of Power purchases in Masters of the Universe Classics are highly judicious. But this could convert me to Lego Friends in their pink packages – perhaps because it reminds me of Crystar as much as it does Frozen.

It’s being pitched on Cuusoo under the notion that despite having the rights to Disney Princesses, Lego may not choose to do a big-ticket action playset item if they perceive such a thing to be more of a boy-skewing concept (that kid in The Lego Movie needs to have one of these conversations with his sister in the sequel).


I’m thinking once boys realize just how foot-stabbingly pointy the set is, they’ll go for it.