Kevin Smith’s “Retirement” Is Strangely Productive – Now Doing a Krampus Movie?



For a guy who was going to retire after Clerks III, big Kev sure is cranking up his production. There’s the walrus-suit fetish movie Tusk, the stage musical Helena Handbag about a giant killer Jesus, and now he’s got one in the works about Krampus, the Christmas demon…called Anti-Claus. It will star Tusk cast members Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks.

It seems the best way to get Kevin Smith to work is to allow him to pretend that he isn’t working. Or to put any kind of tangentially Christian mythology in front of him – frankly, I’m surprised Darren Aronofsky beat him to the punch with a movie about a would-be baby-killing Noah surrounded by rock monsters.

For more on Krampus, check out Chris Ward’s excellent TR article about him.