Thai Toy Fair Exclusive: Naked Women Dressed as Star Wars Bears in Crucifixion Scene




There are no words.

Though I guess as an alleged writer, it is incumbent upon me to find some, so…BJJKLHLLLFHHGH! What in the hell is wrong with Thailand? Too much of that extra sweet coffee made somebody hallucinate? Were they trying to create the toy that would most disturb Stephen Colbert’s on-air persona? This is not some one-off art piece – it is a THAILAND TOY EXPO EXCLUSIVE, with a production run of 100. “The “Confession” Exclusive Set from FOOLS PARADISE x JP TOYS, feats 1 damaged Keiko Vader and 1 damaged Keiko Trooper, in a new colorway.”

More pics below…



Japan, you have been temporarily bested. Please turn in your “Weird Number 1!” T-shirt on your way out.

via toysrevil