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TR SHOWDOWN! Game of Thrones Theme – Smooth Jazz, or Screaming Goats?


UPDATE: Goats win. It wasn’t even close.


A while back, some of you suggested you’d like to see “who would win” style nerd battle articles. Many of them, pitting one hero against another, seemed to me like things that had been done already, but when two particular tips came in, I decided they’d be perfect for this new feature.

[I’m also open to better names than “TR Showdown.”]

The Battle: Which cover version of the Game of Thrones theme is better?

The Combatants: Screaming goats from other viral videos versus Dave Koz and Postmodern Jukebox’s “smooth jazz” version.

Let’s begin…

Smooth Jazz

Pros: They’re skilled musicians, have stylish fashion sense, and are actually aware that they’re playing a tune.

Cons: Smooth jazz is one of the most horrible things ever.


Pros: They sound like screaming humans, and as such capture some of the pain of the show’s executions, the fans who watch scenes like the Red Wedding and the readers who wait endlessly for George R.R. Martin to write another book and not die in the process.

Cons: Playing the actual theme in the background feels like a big ol’ cheat.

I am not going to pick the winner – you are! Tell me in comments below who it should be, and I’ll update the post at the end of the day.