David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi



It’s one of the great What Ifs of cinematic history. David Lynch was George Lucas’ first choice to direct Return of the Jedi, but he (probably wisely) turned it down. As my tipster/contributor Christian Lindke has pointed out, Jedi made by Lynch at that time would probably have resembled Dune more than Eraserhead. But what if the modern Lynch had made it?

YouTuber C-SPIT has put together a rather brilliant concept trailer, using not just repurposed footage, but also canny digital insertions and excellently impersonated additional dialogue that highlights all the Lynch hallmarks – dark corridors, rumbling, eerie-sweet singing, crying, unnaturally fast or slow camera moves, weird reversal footage…and Robert Blake, of course. It wouldn’t fit the Star Wars canon at all, but we’d love it (and perhaps be the only ones who would).