Did You Know They Made Toys for Zero Dark Thirty? It’s True


“Yo, Stormtrooper! I’m the ghost of Uncle Owen. Wanna try shooting at me now, bitches?”

That’s how I would play with this action figure of Joel Edgerton’s ripped-from-the-headlines SEAL from the Osama bin Laden mission. There are plenty of far more unfortunate things you could do – I think there was a reason that a Tom Hanks figure from Saving Private Ryan was once proposed and then ultimately scrapped, but whatever that reason was (decorum? Good taste?) it has long since ceased to apply to today’s world. I suppose we should be glad an “enhanced interrogation” playset isn’t included.

I imagine most people who buy this guy would be doing so for some sort of heroic display, rather than “if he fighted Snake Eyes, who would win?” scenarios. It’s the small percentage of others that I don’t really like to think about.