Super-Poseable Clash of the Titans-esque Figures Just Got Kickstarter-Funded

semi-painted prototypes; NOT final figures

Toy designers Boss Fight Studio, who’ve worked on many existing major toy lines, would appear to have been inspired by fellow sculptor/designers the Four Horsemen to create their own line – like many of the Horsemen’s figures, these 4″ Greek Mythology toys have interchangeable body parts, though the anatomy and articulation is more like Microman than Glyos. Unlike with the Horsemen, however, who either revive extinct licenses or create original material, these figures just barely skirt by as a unique line when they’re pretty clearly Clash of the Titans with a touch of 300. (The Medusa above is a variant – there’s an ugly-faced Harryhausen-style one with a snake tail too.)

The best part is that these are already funded…though if you want to drop a grand their way, they’ll make a figure with your face on it, so you can become an ab-licious Spartan without ever working out. Or a hot chick who’s looking to give up some tail in the worst way.