U.S. Government Seeks Sarcasm Detector, Because That’s a Really Useful Device



The poor Secret Service. When they eavesdrop on our social media feeds, they have a hard time telling how sincere we all are.

It’s heartbreaking to hear such a thing, and I really hope somebody can come up with something that will allow them to come to such important conclusions. After all, it’s far too much to expect of aspiring agents that they be in any way versed in human nature, or have the discernment to understand what constitutes a real threat and what doesn’t. We certainly do not pay them for that. I can understand why they would want a computer program to do this crucial part of the job for them, especially if it’s software which works with their cutting-edge, advanced Internet Explorer 8 browsers.

I wonder how they sleep through the night, worrying not about the odds of taking a bullet for the president, but the extreme hardship of understanding jokes.

h/t Anyone00