CONTEST: Losing the Loathing for a New Site Motto



Since its inception, TR has jokingly tossed around the term “self-loathing,” usually referring to a particular area of fandom we find embarrassing, or say that we “hate ourselves” for liking. We all knew what it meant, and it was part and parcel of the humorous tone.

It doesn’t feel that way any more.

Not only have I found that overseas readers and family members don’t really get the humorous take on that phrase and find it off-putting, but after Robin Williams’ death and reading the outpouring of your personal tales of depression yesterday, I realized something: I don’t ever want any of you to loathe yourselves. Self-loathing is a very real problem for so many of us, and I don’t really feel right making light of it…not as a mission statement, anyway. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not changing the site’s content or tone one iota from whatever it is now. We will continue to look at the worst parts of fandom along with the best, from porn tie-ins to terrible fan fiction, and we will continue to criticize people and things that deserve it. I just want a new motto, and you can help.

Let’s have ourselves a contest.

In comments below, come up with a new motto to replace “Nerd News, Humor and Self-Loathing” that defines TR in an amusing way. I don’t promise to use any if none feels quite right, but if I do use yours, I will send you a prize package of random swag.

Let’s run this till next Friday at noon. Enter as often as you like.

I realize that even though this only a semantic change, it feels fairly major – but I believe it’s the right thing to do. Maybe we should change it on a regular basis anyway.