Don’t Read Too Much Into JJ Abrams’ Latest Episode VII Twitpic

Here’s the picture…


And due to the light pattern behind the note, others are loudly proclaiming that this confirms the Empire is in Star Wars Episode VII, because it’s similar to the wall lighting on the Death Star.

Coupla things to note: firstly, that we’ve already seen a new Stormtrooper helmet Tweeted by the officially endorsed cosplayers of the 501st. But even if we hadn’t, or even if the 501st were incredibly well scammed, the existence of Imperial architecture hardly means the Empire is necessarily around. The Rebels aren’t the Taliban, blowing up all relics of the past.

Of course, if the lights are on, and those are uniquely Imperial style, it could be a good hint…



I mean, only the Empire uses cylindrical lights…don’t they?


It couldn’t possibly be part of a larger, more universal trend?


The Empire probably is back – but JJ’s pic today is in no way your proof of that.