GIVEAWAY: Officially Licensed Karate Kid COBRA KAI Costume!


Fear does not exist! Pain does not exist! Defeat does not exist! Unless you let some punkass kid trained by the janitor get into a crane pose, and then you’re totally screwed. But show no mercy in this giveaway, and you can walk away in a $90-value Cobra Kai Halloween costume complete with shirt, pants, belt, headband, and interchangeable name tags which read “Tommy,” “Bobby,” “Johnny,” & “Dutch.” Awesomely blond hair is your own responsibility.

Yeah, you’ve got real nerve entering, but the reward could be an outfit even better than a “Jaden Smith is not MY Karate Kid” shirt (I don’t think anyone makes those, but they should). Here’s your assignment – in comments below, pitch me your best sequel to any ’80s movie you once loved. Not a reboot – a SEQUEL. So if you go with Karate Kid, for example, it needs to have old Danielsan, or Johnny, or whatever the hell Hilary Swank’s name was in that terrible spin-off. My favorite entry wins. Our sponsor,, wants this to run for a while, so you have a week and a half – we’ll close entries Wed., Sept. 24th at noon. BANZAI!